French Horn Customization / Ultrasonic Cleaning

Bumper / String / Package: - $50.00 for the replacement of 4 bumpers and re-string your Single or Double French Horn with new Yamaha French Horn String.  

Ultrasonic / Chemical Cleaning: - $180 dollars for an ultrasonic cleaning & chemical cleaning. Your horn will be completely taken apart prior to being cleaned.  We check springs, oil valves, lube tuning slides, and replace bumpers (if necessary) with every cleaning.  We restring all our French Horns with Yamaha French Horn string.  Before and after pictures of your valves provided with every cleaning. 

Lacquer Removal For French Horn: -  Say goodbye to that worn lacquer on your French Horn!  For $400.00, we will completely remove all the lacquer on your French Horn.  

Brushed Finish For French Horns: -  Your horn will be lookin phenomenal again after a very light signature brushed finish.  The brushed Finish is a very affordable option to give your French Horn a respectable appearance.  Please note that the lacquer would have to be removed from your French Horn before the horn can be given a brushed finish. Dent removal and solder work are recommended before giving a French Horn a brushed finish.  The cost for the Brushed Finish is $300.00 dollars.  If you are a School or organization looking to make your fleet of Double French Horns look much nicer!  We would be happy to offer a discount for larger orders.     

Conn 6D Modification: The Conn 6D conversion was inspired by Lawson/Lanstro conversions of the past in which magic repair work was performed to bring older Conn 6D's back to unbelievable playing condition.  The entire wrap of the horn is reconfigured to make the 6D a much more free blowing horn with a truly dynamic sound!  The price to convert your old Conn 6D into a Monster Free Blowing Player is $1000.00 dollars. If you are a school or organization looking to get your non-playing Conn 6D fleet back to playing condition!  We would be happy to offer a discount for larger orders.  

Dent Removal For French Horns: $25- $150 dollars depending on location of dents. $250 dollars and up in cases in which the bell has to be removed.  We can give you an estimate for dent removal after seeing some pictures of the dents; Please send us some pictures of your dents to for a free estimate.   

Braces, Solder Work, Custom Lead Pipes, Flippers, Amado Keys:  Our professional technicians can change any brace on your French Horn, we do extremely neat solder work, and have experience installing custom lead pipes, amado keys, and flippers . Send us a picture of your French Horn to, and we can give you an estimate of repair, and customization options.  

Detachable Bell Conversion: - Our Detachable Bell Conversion is one of the smoothest on the market!  Our price to cut a bell is $600 dollars which includes the Alexander Ring set.  The price to cut a French Horn bell is $500 dollars if you provide your own bell ring. Other bell rings are available upon request.  Please check out our parts page for available options.      

Polish for unlacquered French Horn: Is your French Horn looking tarnished? Let us shine that unlacquered French Horn for you!  We charge $200 dollars to polish un-lacquered French Horns.

Spray Lacquer for French Horns:  Although spray lacquer is not nearly effective as baked on lacquer, it will still prolong the life of your horns finish and prevent oxidation for a temporary amount of time.  We will apply 2 coats of spray lacquer to any Double or Single French Horn for $300 dollars.   We cannot guarantee spray lacquer will last, but in most cases the horn will be protected until it wears off from use; and or until your next ultrasonic / chemical cleaning.    

Custom Work for French Horns: - Please send us a picture of your French Horn to and let us know what you would like done to your French Horn.  We give free estimates on all customization work when you send us an email to  

Shipping Service For French Horns: - Shipping a Horn is not as bad as most people think. Call us today at 815-212-4729, or email for tips on how to send us your horn safely and cost effectively.