Ed Kruspe Erfurt Germany Double French Horn (Free Shipping Lower 48)

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Up For Your Consideration is a Very Nice Ed Kruspe Double French Horn. 

Edward Kruspe and his sons Fritz and Walter innovated what is one of the common French horn styles that we all know, the Kruspe wrap. But before they perfected that, they actually invented the worlds first double French horn. The invention of the Kruspe wrap is what helped them perfect their design, and this design is what many, many French horns are based off of today. This, one of their popular Erfurt models, (named after the city their factory was in) is from the time period when they were nearing their final designs on the Kruspe wrap. The 4th rotor may look backwards, but this was absolutely an intentional design feature they added as they were innovating what would become an industry-standard French Horn. 

 This horn is absolutely stunning. Its has an unlacquered finish throughout the instrument, and while the brass is very thin, it has been meticulously cared for over the years, and very little signs of wear can be seen. There's a patch near the 4th valve trigger, and there's a tiny ping on the upper 1st valve tuning slide. Evidence of previous dentwork can be found in the bell section, but is has been expertly smoothed out, and the bell engraving, while faint due to its age, is still very much intact and visible.  It also includes a vintage hard case, which may not be the original, but it does what it's supposed to do: protect this gorgeous horn. The case is showing some wear, and should be replaced if its future owner plans to perform with it.